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Articles We Have Written

Over the years we have written articles and blog posts, contributed to peer-reviewed journals, and generally done whatever we can to get our ideas across. All of that focussed on what gets us up in the morning: our desire for a more humane world - including especially the world of work. Here is a selection from that.

Team Mindfulness: a craft, not a panacea: Chris Nichols reflects on an online conversation with Megan Reitz and Michael Chaskalson

In January 2022, Michael Chaskalson hosted an online interactive conversation where Megan Reitz and Chris Nichols discussed the ideas and processes that underlie Team Mindfulness with an online audience. These are Chris's reflection after the event.

Imagining the Power of Transgressive Curiosity: Chris Nichols

Chris Nichols reflects on a Mindfulness Works online Conversation he and Michael Chaskalson held in December 2021. Curiosity is often valued in organisations. But only up to a point. We need to go beyond that now. The challenges we face call for a kind of 'transgressive curiosity' where we look beyond current boundaries to embrace new and more radical ways of understanding the world and its limits.

Reflections on Burnout: Chris Nichols reflects in conversation with Mindfulness Works colleague Liz Hall

Reflections on Burnout: Chris Nichols reflects in conversation with Mindfulness Works colleague Liz Hall

AIM for the New Frontiers of Work

An article for the European Business Review by Chris Nichols, Philippa Hardman and Michael Chaskalson. Many organisations have announced plans for fully remote working, others have announced radical flexibility plans. The reality is that remote and home working during the COVID-19 pandemic has proved a highly differentiated experience: not available for all, wonderful for some, a disaster for others. If it is now “wired in” for many of us as part of our future way of working, we must ask how we can do it well, to become and remain vibrant, participative and healthy human communities. We think that mindful practice using the AIM approach can be powerful, and we convened an informal “pop up” online research event to explore the question. This article summarises what we found.

AIM for a Thriving Planet

How do we create organisations capable of acting both wisely and successfully on our fragile and finite earth? An article for the European Business Review by Chris Nichols, Philippa Hardman, Michael Chaskalson and Helen Sieroda.

To Lead Well, First Quieten Your Ego

Potential leaders should learn how a loud ego can corrode leadership effectiveness and they should be given tools to help them avoid the traps of self-aggrandisement and entitlement that are often attached to the leadership task.

AIM: The Heart of the Mindfulness Approach

A blog by Michael that describes what the AIM model is all about and why Allowing, Inquiry and Meta-awareness makes such a difference to leadership, teamwork and every aspect of our work and home lives.

Aiming to Nourish the More Human Organisation

An article by Michael, Chris and other colleagues from the European Business Review. Most of the organisations we work with aspire to be good places to work, genuinely wanting to provide nourishing places for people to work. But since the Covid pandemic we notice how increasingly difficult it is to keep sight of the humanity of people at work. We discuss what will help.

The Wise Leader

An article on Wise Leadership for the European Business Review by Michael Chaskalson, Chris Nichols and Philippa Hardman. "Noisy egos, at all levels in organisations, bring chaos or stifled compliance in their wake" they say, and "one of the key characteristics of Wise Leaders is that they have quieter egos."

Team Mindfulness: A Discipline for Performance Beyond Fashion and Fad

An article on Team Mindfulness for the European Business Review by Michael Chaskalson, Helen Sieroda, Chris Nichols and Philippa Hardman

Mindfulness Works but Only if You work at It

An article in the Harvard Business Review, describing aspects of our Mindful Leader research.

How to Bring Mindfulness to Your Company’s Leadership

An article in the Harvard Business Review, describing aspects of our Mindful Leader research.

Team Mindfulness

An article in the Harvard Business Review by Michael and Megan, describing our ideas around Team Mindfulness and why it differs from individual mindfulness.

The Business Case for Compassion

An article by Amy Bradley for Management Today. Consciously compassionate companies, she says, have stronger financial performance, higher staff engagement, increased innovation and higher levels of customer advocacy

Mindful Leader Research Report

Michael, Megan and other colleagues conducted detailed research on what changed when two cohorts of senior business leaders who undertook our Mindful Leader programme. This is a report of their findings.

Mindful Leadership

Responsible for ensuring that their teams perform well and that their family and personal needs are taken care of, it’s no wonder that leaders can become stressed.

Managers, You’re More Intimidating Than You Think

An article by Megan Reitz and her co-researcher John Higgins in Harvard Business Review. Managers need to accept that people see them as much scarier than they realize — and it’s hurting their businesses.

What We Do

When people at work are more mindful and more compassionate, when they connect more deeply with each other, then things go better for them, for those they work with, for their organizations - for everyone. We offer a range of interventions - each of which can be tailored to your exact needs.


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We are a small team of consultants who are convinced that the world of work can also be a place where people thrive. We teach, consult, write and research - focussing on mindfulness, compassion and dialogue - at work and in leadership.


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