Disrupted! How to Create the Future When the Old Rules are Broken

The world is on a knife edge. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus the overhanging questions about how we work and how we live. All of our ecological and human systems are stressed and failing, and the human beings operating in the systems are distressed in trying to cope with the magnitude of change thrust on them.

Chris and Philippa discuss how all of their clients are conscious of the impending confluence of shifts in our economic, political, democratic, trading systems, and see how these sit in a world of massive technological change and environmental catastrophe. It is easy to despair at the magnitude of the shifts, but despair doesn’t butter any bread. What is needed is effective and practical innovation.

It is vital that we find ways to respond and to develop the leadership styles and collaboration practices that make a different future possible. Everyone is working on this now, but very few companies or organisations have got this right yet. This is the book gives practical advice to leaders who are working to create the world of today and tomorrow.

It Is Time to Begin

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