The Human Moment: The Positive Power of Compassion in the Workplace

Based on a decade of research and packed with examples and case studies, this book argues that compassion is THE hidden key to business performance in the 21st Century.

We live in a world in crisis. Societies are becoming fractured, opinions polarised and people are increasingly isolated. In an attempt to seek out human connection, many people spend more time at work than they do with family members, yet few of us have someone at work who we trust enough to share our vulnerabilities and talk to about the things that worry us. To be human is to suffer, yet our struggles can remain hidden from work. This book argues that compassion is a core human value, which is too often overlooked in business. In these challenging and unprecedented times, workplaces have a crucial role to play in fostering kindness, care and understanding for one another as human kind.

The Human Moment, was longlisted for CMI’s Management Book of the Year, 2020.

Amy argues for the empathy and compassion one might show to a family member or friend to be brought into the business arena; apart from this being the right thing to do, it also helps people engage with each other in such a manner that it is good for profits too. Laced with anecdotes and thorough research, this easily readable book will challenge people to rethink how they understand employees.

Kriss Akabusi, MBE, Olympian, Professional Speaker and Transitions Coach

This is a book for all those CEOs who are grappling with how to build organizations that enhance employees’ lives; learn to improve employee, team and organization performance and establish a legacy that helps to create a better world. Compassion is central to all.

Geoff McDonald, Former Vice President, Unilever and global Mental Health Campaigner and Consultant

A vital read for any leader wanting to succeed in business today. Importantly, it taps into the very nature of how to understand and connect with employees.

Pete Markey, Chief Marketing Officer, TSB

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