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Mindfulness in Eight Weeks


This 8 week step-by-step guide to Mindfulness is the first ever publication of a hybrid of the two most popular approaches to Mindfulness currently sweeping the world.
Broken down into eight weeks (and with audio materials available to download to support home practice) reading this book is as near as you can get to bring a participant on a teacher-led mindfulness course without actually being on one. With step-by-step instructions carefully coordinated for each week, Mindfulness in Eight Weeks promises to have you up to speed in under two months.


"Mindfulness in 8 Weeks is the manual for how to learn and practise on your own." - Ruby Wax


"A great book for both novices and those familiar with mindfulness practice - I highly recommend it." - Mark Williams (Co-Author of the bestselling Mindfulness: A practical guide to peace in a frantic world)


"The ideas and practices discussed here truly change lives." - Dr. John Teasdale, (Co-Author of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression)


Mind Time


With just ten minutes practice a day you can begin to train your mind in ways that will leave you more awake, more alive and more creative.


Nearly half of our waking hours are spent thinking about something other than what we are doing. We are only aware of a tiny fraction of what we are thinking, feeling and sensing – so we’re barely conscious of how and why we behave the way we do.


This book sets out to help you get your mind out of automatic more often. It contains simple, clear exercises that take only ten minutes per day and our research tells us that if you do these exercises, your life will change. The exercises build three core capacities – Allowing, Inquiry and Meta-awareness. If you do them, and build these capacities, you will become less reactive and more responsive. This will lead to positive benefits in several key areas: your relationships, your ability to deal with unexpected events and your capacity to stay purposeful and to see your life as a matter of choices rather than seemingly impossible challenges.


I warmly recommend this book. Setting aside Mind Time each day has the potential to transform your relationships, your work and yourself. - Mark Williams (Co-Author of the bestselling Mindfulness: A practical guide to peace in a frantic world)


The Mindful Workplace


This book offers a practical and theoretical guide to the benefits of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) in the workplace. It also details the latest neuroscience research into the effects of mindfulness training.


The mindfulness methods discussed in this book allow people in organizations to listen more attentively, communicate more clearly, manage stress and foster strong relationships.


The book includes a complete eight-week mindfulness training course, specifically customised for workplace settings, along with further reading and training resources.


Mindfulness for Coaches


Mindfulness for Coaches accessibly presents theory and research on the benefits of mindfulness training and explores how mindfulness can feature in coaching work. Michael Chaskalson and Mark McMordie explain how coaches can use mindfulness to become more deeply attuned to themselves and to clients, and to create transformational resonance. 


Mindfulness for Coaches provides an experiential guide, inviting and supporting coaches to engage with the programme included, sharing new qualitative research into the potential impact of mindfulness on coaching process and outcomes, and explicitly linking mindfulness practice to global standards of coaching mastery.


Presented in two parts, the book first outlines a unique eight-week programme, Mindfulness for Coaches, and goes on to clarify the links between mindfulness, coaching mastery and different coaching approaches, share insights from the fields of psychotherapy, leadership and organisation development, and provide guidance for further learning. 


"Mindfulness can transform your coaching."

Erik de Haan, from the Foreword


"The beating heart of coaching is generative attention. Silken. Serene. Seamless. Michael and Mark understand this. They embody it. And they are offering to us all, eloquently, the knowledge that inhabits it. This book is a coach’s long-needed teacher."

Nancy Kline, Founder and President of Time To Think


Living in the Moment


Through simple mindfulness meditation, learn to live in the moment and enjoy a life that is more vivid, awake, connected and true.


Most of us operate on auto-pilot much of the time, passing through the present moment with our mind either caught up in the past or straining toward the future. Through mindfulness meditation, an ancient Buddhist practice, Anna Black shows you how to intentionally pay attention to your daily experience. 


Mindfulness @ Work


Work-related stress is an all-too-common part of modern life. The rise of digital media means that many people never really “switch off” from work and the culture of presenteeism causes us to spend more time at work than ever before.


Many workers spend a lot of time either ruminating on past work stress or worrying about future work-related problems. By applying the principles of mindfulness – an ancient Buddhist practice – to our working lives, we can become aware of our habitual negative thoughts and behaviours and learn to recognise and manage the warning signs of stress. Anna Black suggests short and simple meditations that can be used throughout the working day to strengthen focus and concentration, enhance working relationships and improve empathy – all of which help you to perform well and keep calm at work, whatever your job.



Sample chapter from The Mindful Workplace by Michael Chaskalson


How to Bring Mindfulness to Your Company's Leadership Harvard Business Review: Megan Reitz and Michael Chaskalson


Mindfulness Works but Only if You Work at It Harvard Business Review: Megan Reitz and Michael Chaskalson


Making the Mindful Leader by Jeremy Hunter and Michael Chaskalson