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    We help people at work unlock their capacity for mindfulness and compassion

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    Enabling higher levels of focus, empathy and resilience

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    Allowing people at all levels to be at their very best

Books We Have Written

As well as being teachers all of our team are also writers. Here are some of our most relevant books.

Mind Time

With just ten minutes practice a day you can begin to train your mind in ways that will leave you more awake, more alive and more creative. This book by Michael and Megan was inspired by some of the key findings of their Mindful Leader research.

Mindfulness in Eight Weeks

This step-by-step guide to Mindfulness by Michael leads the reader through a structured 8-week mindfulness training program. We use this as a handbook for several of our courses.

Speak Up

By Megan and John Higgins - what you say or don’t say in a conversation can have life-defining consequences on ourselves and those around us. This book is based on their research into Speaking Truth to Power at Work.

The Human Moment: The Positive Power of Compassion in the Workplace

This book by Amy powerfully argues that compassion is a core human value, which is too often overlooked in business.

Disrupted! How to Create the Future When the Old Rules are Broken

Disrupted! - by Chris Nichols and Philippa Hardman - recounts some of the crucial lessons that come from Chris and Philippa's long experience working with organisations of all sizes in all sectors on the strategy and change challenges emerging from the confluence of shifts in our economic, political, democratic, trading systems. It looks at how these sit in a world of massive technological change and environmental catastrophe and what leaders and organizations might begin to do to address them.

Coach Your Team

Written by Liz and published by Penguin Books, Coach Your Team  is a practical guide for leaders who want to foster a culture where everyone can flourish.

Mindful Coaching

Mindful Coaching - written by Liz - is a comprehensive guide to using mindfulness effectively in coaching. It enables coaches to work closely with their clients on a range of issues, including work-life balance, stress management, decision making, coping with ambiguity, dealing with crises, employee engagement, heightening focus and clarity, improving listening and communication, and increasing presence.

What We Do

When people at work are more mindful and more compassionate, when they connect more deeply with each other, then things go better for them, for those they work with, for their organizations - for everyone. We offer a range of interventions - each of which can be tailored to your exact needs.


Who We Are

We are a small team of consultants who are convinced that the world of work can also be a place where people thrive. We teach, consult, write and research - focussing on mindfulness, compassion and dialogue - at work and in leadership.


It Is Time to Begin

We would love to hear what you are what looking for and to see how we can help. Do get in touch.