Weekly Virtual Mindfulness Sessions

This client is a multi-billion dollar global consultancy group known for its work in helping struggling companies effect turnarounds. During the pandemic their workload shot up.

The company values its employees and is well-known for the benefits they provide. They expect elite-level performance from their people and recruit accordingly. Knowing the value of their own people, they invest in their wellbeing. 

As soon as the pandemic struck they realised that their employees, who had previously been office-based, were going to have to adjust very rapidly to new ways of functioning and they launched a suite of virtual wellbeing and skills-based programmes to help them make the transition as all of their offices closed.

Michael had already spoken on Mindfulness for Resilience and High Performance at one of the firm’s international conferences. He had also conducted an 8-week mindfulness course for staff at the firm’s London office. They got in touch and we discussed how we might help through the pandemic.

After trialling different formats, we settled on weekly 30-minute open-enrollment virtual mindfulness sessions that continued throughout 2020 and into 2021.  

In each weekly session Michael guided two different 10-minute mindfulness practices, each preceded by a 5-minute rationale for that particular practice.

The topics covered included developing higher levels of focus, cultivating engagement and curiosity, developing empathy and compassion, ‘being with’ what is difficult, coming away from excessive thinking, letting what is the case be the case and many more.

Around 15 to 30 people attended each session. There was a core of regular attenders (although no-one made every session) as well as a sprinkling of newcomers or irregular attendees at each session.

Although attendees are invited to ask questions or make comments after the first guided meditation session, few took up the offer and most kept their cameras off throughout. Comments in the chat box after each session, though, indicated that people really valued them.

“It’s such a great chance to change great in the middle of the working week!”

“Thank you – I’m getting so much from these sessions.”

Internal surveys conducted by the firm indicated that those who attended felt the sessions to be highly beneficial.

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