Team Mindfulness

Teams are the basic working unit of most organisations and each team’s climate – its inner dynamic – has a huge and often unseen and unspoken impact on team performance.

When teams meet, the focus of attention is usually on their shared tasks and goals. These are undoubtedly important, but what is often left out of team discussions is the quality of the team experience. That’s a problem, because the quality of the experience – what it feels like to be a member of that team – is a powerful factor in determining team performance 

Mindful teams learn ways of turning their attention to issues such as the team’s purpose, performance and processes as well as its climate and its problems. They learn, nonjudgmentally, to speak the unspeakable and hear what was previously unsayable.

By discovering and coming to adopt non-judgmental attitudes in their relationship to one another, team members become more sensitive to the dynamics of their teams and more capable of adapting team structures and processes as needed.

When members of a team feel and know that they are seen, heard and respected an increased sense of psychological safety emerges. That supports openness to diversity which allows everyone to perform at their best, releasing the team’s innate capacity for innovation.

What is the format?

  • The training is delivered in 6 x 2-hour virtual sessions delivered at monthly intervals.
  • In-between sessions, team members choose a partner to work with, to check-in with and to come up with and try out different experiments in being in the team differently.
  • We also offer small-group coaching sessions in between the taught sessions if that is appropriate.

Who is it for?

  • Teams who want to increase their levels of performance engagement.

What will they learn?

  • Team members will learn to apply our AIM model to their work in the team.
  • They will discover ways of frequently and regularly giving their collective attention to the team’s
    • Purpose
    • Performance
    • Processes
    • Problems
    • And the team’s climate – its ever changing inner dynamic.

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