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Past Events

Team Mindfulness: What is it and why is it important?

Join Megan Reitz and Chris Nichols in this free, interactive online conversation around Team Mindfulness. Mindfulness at work has so far mainly focused on training people in practices that help them better manage issues like stress and anxiety. It is a ‘go to’ intervention on the wellness agenda. However, rates of burnout and disengagement cannot be addressed at the individual level – systems and cultures need to change. That’s where collective mindfulness becomes important. This conversation builds on Megan and Michael’s Harvard Business Review article on collective mindfulness to explore how you might develop and support teams who are compassionate, curious and aware. This interactive event will include breakout groups and Q & A sessions.


Curiosity, Power and Human Flourishing

What is curiosity? Can organisations develop it or is it always an individual quality? Chris Nichols thinks of it as a leadership super-power. Join Chris as he and Michael Chaskalson discuss how curiosity and power dynamics impact the vital arena of human flourishing. This interactive event includes breakout groups and Q & A sessions - and the chance to share some of Chris's experience, garnered from decades of consulting, helping people and organisations to flourish.


Burnout: What should organisations do?

Fully 66% of bosses polled in a recent survey said they suffered from burnout over the past year, while 76% felt overwhelmed managing their people. Managers often lack the language and the permission to effectively support their staff. Often, they don't know how or where to ask for help in doing that. Liz Hall will discuss this issue with Chris Nichols and offer insights and practical guidance for how organizations can respond more effectively to this pressing issue. This interactive event will includes breakout groups and Q & A sessions.


Compassionate Leadership: Leading for the Human Moment

Why is it vital that leaders show their own humanity at work? How can they cultivate compassionate attitudes within their organizations? Join Mindfulness Works consultant Dr. Amy Bradley, a prominent researcher, writer and consultant in these fields, in conversation with our friend Liz Hall. This will be an engaging, interactive event that includes breakout groups and Q & A sessions.


How can organisations and leaders engage with workplace and social activism?

Join Mindfulness works consultant Professor Megan Reitz and GameShift research partner John Higgins for a discussion about employee activism in the workplace.



We speak at conferences and other gatherings covering themes around Mindful Leadership and many more.


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