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Opening the Mind to Positivity: An 8-week Interpersonal Mindfulness course focusing on building positive emotions.


“Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it” – Albert Schweitzer


We are living in a world that is becoming increasingly complex, volatile and uncertain. Given how our brains are wired, it is not surprising that stress is on the increase. Neuroscientists tell us that our brain’s default perceptual bias is negative, so we’re more likely to notice, react to and remember unpleasant events and clog up our minds with demands, doubts and worries. The good news is that the human brain has the capacity to rewire and restructure. Through intentionally choosing to engage in practices that incline the mind towards the positive, we can alter this negativity bias and open the mind to discovery and growth.


This course aims to provide you with the opportunity to develop brain-changing skills to access and cultivate a rich range of positive emotions to support connection and well-being. Research into positivity has identified the ten most commonly experienced positive emotions which include love, joy, gratitude, inspiration, interest, amusement and pride. Not surprisingly, many of these are generated and enhanced through relational contact. Positive emotions are the building blocks and glue of healthy relationships, in our personal and working lives and contribute significantly to our health and well-being. They offer a relational antidote to stress, enhance mutual understanding and cooperation, foster trust, social closeness, compassion and kindness and help to forge lasting relationships.


The foundational practice of the course is interpersonal mindfulness, a distinctly relational form of practice where participants are invited into face-to-face dialogue by way of carefully guided and timed contemplations. This mutual receptive space offers the potential to tap into a well of innate positivity resources to open the mind and heart to our shared human experience. Between classes you’ll be invited to engage in personal and interpersonal mindfulness practices, techniques and activities to support and build on the material covered in each session.



This course is suitable for those who are new to mindfulness and for those who have already attended a mindfulness course or have an established practice.



Covers all the taught sessions, the silent retreat morning or all-day session, downloadable audio materials to support home practice and a workbook. 


I find I'm taking more time to really listen to people, and really be aware of their reactions and my reactions, and that's building stronger bonds. That lets us all collaborate so much better. The other area where it’s really helped is that I’ve found an increased ability just to come away from it all from time to time – to get some space and some quiet.

Participants on a Mindful Leader programme