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At RWE we ran an extensive organizational development intervention over several years for our top 350 leaders - including all of our C-suite executives. Michael was a key contributor to this with scientifically-informed  input and practical guidance on mindfulness. Participants found the sessions highly insightful and many reported that it had significant impact in their personal and professional lives.


Michael had the ability to present the ideas and practices of mindfulness in ways that were easy to access for people who had no prior exposure to the topic and he added further insights for those who had already some acquaintance with it. A mixture of sound scientific knowledge  and deep personal experience gave him great credibility. His part of the programme was delivered with outstanding skill to well-seasoned business leaders.


Dr. Nicole Brauckmann,  Programme Lead for Next Level Leadership at RWE - a major European utility


Michael led sessions on mindfulness on our most senior leader development programme. He very successfully introduced the ideas and practices to around 200 senior leaders over a few years and connected the practice of mindfulness really well to elements of the the bank’s leadership framework. Feedback from the sessions was excellent. The leaders responded well to Michael's style and facilitation method and the majority left the session willing to try to embed mindfulness into their daily routine and many have continued to do that.


Senior Manager, Organisational Capability: UK Banking Group


"There isn't one single part of the course that I can identify as benefiting me as I feel the whole course has been fantastic. The various elements have all improved my home/work life."


“This was by far the most useful course I’ve ever done in the workplace. Just these four sessions have had a huge positive impact on how I feel day to day. I don’t feel so overwhelmed by work or so anxious about the future.”


Participants on one of Anna Black's courses run for a major UK publishing house


"Before I did this programme, by 5pm on a Friday afternoon I would have been really anxious, looking at a terrible weekend and panicking, ‘… I’ve got such a huge amount to get done next week…!’ But now I sit there and think ‘Yes, I’ve got a huge amount to do, but it’ll get done. It's ok.’ And it does all get done."


“I find I'm taking more time to really listen to people, and really be aware of their reactions and my reactions, and that's building stronger bonds. That lets us all collaborate so much better. The other area where it’s really helped is that I’ve found an increased ability just to come away from it all from time to time – to get some space and some quiet.”


Participants on a Mindful Leader programme