Curiosity, Power and Human Flourishing: A Conversation with Chris Nichols and Michael Chaskalson

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Does curiosity matter?

Chris Nichols believes that it is as close to a super-power as any organisation or leader is likely to attain.

But what is it really? Can organisations really develop it, or is it always an individual quality?

This conversation between Michael and Chris ranged widely over the territory, covering themes such as the systemic forces that shut curiosity down (and the consequences of that); the intrapersonal aspects of curiosity – how you can develop it in yourself and help others to do the same; and the vital need to approach the host of problems we currently face with an open, inquiring attitude.

Examining the dance of power with curiosity, we explored how the relationship between the two can support, or impede, the flourishing of individuals, organisations and the living world.

It was a powerful and provocative conversation, full of practical insights.

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