What We Do

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    We help people at work unlock their capacity for mindfulness and compassion

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    Enabling higher levels of focus, empathy and resilience

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    Allowing people at all levels to be at their very best


For Leaders, Teams & Individuals

When people at work are more mindful and more compassionate they do better. Things go better for them, for those they work with, for their organizations - for everyone. We offer a range of interventions - each of which can be tailored to your exact needs.

Leadership development

For Leaders

Leaders who are more mindful and compassionate focus and empathise more readily. Connecting more effectively with their people, they build more willing and effective teams. We help leaders unlock their capacity to lead.

Mindful Leadership Session

These are unprecedented times for organisational leaders. They are called on to manage a wider range of relational networks than ever before – and to do that remotely, face-to-face or both. These one-off sessions introduce ideas and practices that can enable much greater leadership effectiveness.

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Mindful Leader Programme

This research-based programme supports leaders in developing and embedding the skills of Mindful Leadership. Our research tells us that participants who follow the programme and carry out the homepractice become more resilient, better able to collaborate and are more agile in the face of complexity and uncertainty.

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The Wise Leader Course

Wise leaders are mindful and compassionate, they understand the inter-connected nature of all living systems and they know and live from their own deepest values. Having quietened their egos, they are better able to create willing and connected communities around them. This programme trains the skills of Wise Leadership.

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Creating a Speak Up Culture

We make choices everyday about whether to speak up or stay silent. We choose who to listen to and whose voice to discount. Our teams and our organisations develop ‘conversational habits’ around what gets said and who gets heard. Silence costs careers, reputations and in some cases lives.

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Compassionate Leadership

Compassionate leadership is never just sentimental. It involves listening, understanding, empathising and helping; enabling the kind of performance management and other tough conversations that are often called for. Compassionate leaders leave their people feeling they have been taken into account: that their contribution, or potential contribution, is valued, that they are seen as real human beings.

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team development

For Teams

We help teams to become more aware of themselves as teams - enabling useful conversations, unlocking team potential, increasing psychological safety and allowing all members to contribute and to thrive.

Team Mindfulness

High performing teams are aware of their own ever-changing dynamic. When team members feel free to speak their truths without fear or inhibition, then the team's performance and its capacity to innovate increases. We call this Team Mindfulness and we have designed a process to help bring it about.

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Team Facilitation

Teams too often spend most of their time on the ‘what’ of their work - the targets, outputs, metrics and actions. They ought also to spend time on the ‘how’ - the relational, team dynamics that help or hinder the achievement of the ‘what’. Team facilitation helps to ensure the right things are on the agenda and allows each person to give their full creative attention to discussions.

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mindfulness at work

For Workplaces

From single, stand-alone sessions to multi-session Mindfulness at Work courses, we have crafted a range of mindfulness interventions for people at work. Virtual, blended or in-person, we have delivered these trainings over many years to organizations of all sizes and in every sector.

Mindfulness for Resilience and High-Performance Sessions

When people are more mindful they are more resilient. They connect better with one another, focus more readily and manage their emotions more effectively. These one-off experiential sessions introduce the theory, science and benefits of mindfulness practice and leave people with practices they can continue with at home.

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Mindfulness at Work Course

To really enjoy the benefits of mindfulness it is important to practice it over time. This course teaches a wide variety of mindfulness skills, shows their relevance to people's lives - at work and at home, and it supports them as they begin to embed the practices in their own lives.

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Guided Mindfulness Practice Sessions

In these experiential, 30-minute sessions, we introduce two different mindfulness practices and give some of the rationale for each of them. They are a valuable opportunity for people at work to take a moment for themselves - a break from the clamour of the working day.

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Mindful Conversations

Our habits of conversation - when we speak up and when we stay silent; when we listen or ignore - have huge consequences. Our mindful conversations workshops explore why and how we speak and listen; whether those habits serve us and others; and how we might become aware, in the moment, of the choices we have. This in turn enables us to disrupt habits and say what needs to be said and hear what needs to be heard.

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Executive Coaching and 1:1 Training

For Individuals

We offer 1:1 mindfulness and compassion training for senior people in organizations and we offer executive coaching.

1:1 Mindfulness-Based Coaching

Not everyone wants to learn mindfulness in a group. For some, the demands of a group simply don’t fit their schedules. Others, especially more senior leaders, might feel that their membership of a group would inhibit the group. One of the advantages of 1:1 mindfulness training is that it can be tailored to very specific needs and proceed at a pace that best suits the individual.

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Executive Coaching

Our coaching approach is informed by our own mindfulness and compassion practices. We focus on the outcomes that are important to our clients - deeply listening for what matters most to them. We understand that there can be tensions between human and business imperatives. That is often the most fertile ground for our work.

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Counselling and Emotional Support at Work

However hard one works, however committed to one's team goals and outcomes, there are times when dramatic changes to life circumstance can leave one overwhelmed. At such times a kind, confidential and non-judgemental listening ear can make all the difference. We offer counselling to people struggling with life issues that impact them at work.

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Upcoming and past online events

We are delighted to host a series of free interactive online conversations touching on currently critical team, leadership and workplace matters. Click below to discover more and book yourself a place


What People Say

  • "For several years now we have partnered with Michael to coach TBWA's talent around the world in various Leadership Programs.

    What’s most remarkable is Michael's ability to meet each of our program participants at the place of their challenge and give them a unique entryway into the practice of mindfulness. Michael demystifies mindfulness and makes a powerful tool that enables our leaders to live out their ambitions of being empathetic, energetic, and kind."
  • “Michael ran several workshops on Mindfulness for High Performing Leaders for us here at Regeneron. His deep expertise on the topic, his passion and the practices he shared built a compelling case for the power of Mindful Leadership and he helped participants overcome some of the real or imagined barriers to engaging in that.

    As someone who’s been personally engaging in the practices he shared, I’ve noticed a positive shift in my overall mood, attention span and outlook.

    I highly recommend Michael and the tools he offers.”
  • "There isn't one single part of the course that I can identify as benefiting me as I feel the whole course has been fantastic. The various elements have all improved my home/work life."

    “This was by far the most useful course I’ve ever done in the workplace. Just these four sessions have had a huge positive impact on how I feel day to day. I don’t feel so overwhelmed by work or so anxious about the future.”
  • "Before I did this programme, by 5pm on a Friday afternoon I would have been really anxious, looking at a terrible weekend and panicking, ‘… I’ve got such a huge amount to get done next week…!’ But now I sit there and think ‘Yes, I’ve got a huge amount to do, but it’ll get done. It's ok.’ And it does all get done."

    “I find I'm taking more time to really listen to people, and really be aware of their reactions and my reactions, and that's building stronger bonds. That lets us all collaborate so much better. The other area where it’s really helped is that I’ve found an increased ability just to come away from it all from time to time – to get some space and some quiet.”
  • "At RWE we ran an extensive organizational development intervention over several years for our top 350 leaders - including all of our C-suite executives. Michael was a key contributor to this with scientifically-informed input and practical guidance on Mindful Leadership. He introduced ideas and practices in ways that were easy to access for those with no prior knowledge of the topic and he added further insights for those already acquainted with it. The mixture of sound scientific knowledge and deep personal experience gave him great credibility. It was all delivered with outstanding skill to well-seasoned business leaders."
  • "Michael led sessions on Mindful Leadership on our most senior leader development programme. He very successfully introduced the ideas and practices to around 200 senior leaders over a few years and wonderfully connected the practice of Mindful Leadership to elements of the the bank’s leadership framework. Feedback from the sessions was excellent. The leaders responded strongly to Michael's style and approach. Most left the sessions intending to put what they learned into practice and many have continued to do that."
  • “Michael has been my coach for 4 years and his impact on my professional and personal life has been beyond words. We started out when I was struggling to decide the future direction of my business (and my wider life). I was lost and struggling. We’ve worked hard on every aspect of my work and personal life since then and achieved extraordinary results.

    Personally, I have never felt more in touch with my family, community, and purpose. Professionally, B&A has grown 20% year on year culminating in being acquired by Accenture Interactive 18 months ago. Michael helped guide me through a very complex process, ensuring that every stakeholder did brilliantly – employees, partners, the acquirer and myself. Furthermore, he has worked hard at directing me towards a new role in Accenture Interactive where I can have an impact on the key issues of the day.

    He is calm, razor smart and knows how to get the very best out of people. The proof is in the pudding and I recommend him regularly to other entrepreneurs, clients and friends. I always will.”
  • “I am less stressed by not having immediate solutions...better able to reflect and wait for the solution to arise.”

    “Previously I shied away from complexity. Now I approach problems ... with openness and curiosity. I approach issues, rather than running away from them or ignoring them.”

    “It gave me a way to take back control over my own thinking. I see that I’m choosing my thoughts, and they’re not me, they’re just the noise of what’s going on.”

    Since doing the course… “I can put myself into quite a detached and objective place, almost at will… I can acknowledge others’ emotions without feeling hijacked by them.”

    “I’ve decluttered my head. I say ‘this is the only thing I’m going to think about’. Maybe this is leading towards an ideal of problem solving...”

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