Team Facilitation

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    We help people at work unlock their capacity for mindfulness and compassion

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    Enabling higher levels of focus, empathy and resilience

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    Allowing people at all levels to be at their very best

Targets, outputs, metrics and actions – of course these need attending to. But teams too often spend almost all of their time on these ‘what’ items and often ignore the ‘how’ part of the equation.

Team members often turn up to meetings distracted by what has gone before or what may be coming next and the same old dynamics play out. That diminishes the possibilities of innovative, inclusive thinking. All too often teams end up putting all their energy into activities and behaviours don’t serve their key purposes.

To redress the imbalance, teams need also to spend time on the ‘how’ of their endeavours. On those relational team dynamics that help or hinder the achievement of the ‘what’.

But many teams are unused to talking about issues like relational team dynamics and decision making suffers as a result.

Team facilitation helps to ensure the right things are on the agenda, that all participants are included and that the processes employed allow each person to give their full creative attention to discussions.

What is the format?

The format (in person, virtual, in the office, away, length of time etc.) for your team meeting will be determined through inquiry with you and depending on outcomes and logistical needs.

Who is it for?

  • You and your team

What will they learn?

  • How to organise and relate with one another in meetings in a way that leads to excellent outcomes

What do people say about it?

The work you did before the meeting was spot-on, your input in the agenda was greatly appreciated and I personally felt very comfortable with you in the meeting – you kept it flowing really nicely”


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