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Mindfulness is about being more aware of yourself, others and the world around you - in each moment.


Mindfulness training changes you. People who are more mindful have higher levels of emotional intelligence, improved relationships, and reduced levels of stress.  They discover a natural state of mind in which they are focused, present and aware. They have more sustained attention, greater emotional regulation and an increased ability to adopt different perspectives.


When you're more mindful you're more open to new ideas, finding an increase in your creativity and an enhanced sense of purpose.


Studies show that mindfulness courses and training increase working memory capacity. That's essential for helping you make good decisions. It helps you to respond more and react less and it opens up more choice in how you go about things. 


And it's open to all - anybody can practice mindfulness.


Mindfulness is taught in corporations, schools, law courts, prisons, government agencies, the UK Houses of Parliament - pretty much everywhere.


There's a considerable body of research that speaks of the effectiveness of mindfulness training in a wide variety of contexts.


NICE, the UK’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, recommends mindfulness and meditation as a frontline treatment for certain conditions. It's equally life enhancing for those living busy lives who feel they have more to offer. Mindfulness is for everyone.



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There isn't one single part of the course that I can identify as benefiting me as I feel the whole course has been fantastic. The various elements have all improved my home/work life.

Participants on one of Anna Black's courses run for a major UK publishing house