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These are unprecedented times for organisational leaders. In markets, systems, climate, politics, society and technology, unpredictable disruption is now normal. 

As well as that, leaders are called on to manage a wider range of relational networks than ever before – and to do that remotely, face-to-face or both.

The systems in which leaders function today are deeply and unpredictably complex. In these conditions they are called on to facilitate co-operation, idea generation and decision-making – across geographical and generational boundaries and across differing viewpoints, both inside and outside their organisations – while somehow staying on top of huge and rapidly changing flows of information from emails, messaging, calls and meetings.

As if that weren’t enough, they must also somehow maintain healthy family and social lives.

Our research tells us that our mindfulness practice can really help. The Mindful Leadership Sessions introduce the benefits of mindfulness training for those working in leadership contexts.

These one-off sessions introduce the theory, science and benefits of mindfulness practice – as applied to leadership contexts. The session is practical and interactive. Participants typically learn several short mindfulness practices and have the opportunity to discuss their experience of these in the group.

They all receive a link to downloadable audio resources that help them to continue to practice at home.

What is the format?

  • Typically between 60 and 90-minutes long
  • Virtual or face-to-face
  • Experiential and interactive
  • Any group size

Who is it for?

  • For anyone engaged in a leadership task.

What will they learn?

  • Participants will be much better informed about what mindfulness actually is, how it applies in leadership contexts, and what the potential benefits of mindfulness practice – beyond all the hype – actually are.
  • They’ll understand how practising mindfulness can increase their ability to
    • focus
    • empathise
    • regulate their own emotions
    • try out and adopt new perspectives
    • adapt to changing circumstances.
  • And they’ll learn about the various benefits of that – in their leadership and at home.

What do people say about it?

“I was really skeptical about this. There’s so much hype around mindfulness at the moment. Michael cut through all of that. It was down-to-earth and it opened new possibilities.”

“I get it now. I’ve tried and failed before with mindfulness. Now I see why.”

“It’s obvious now I think about it, but I never really considered how the way my attention was pulled about impacted others around me.”

“People say I need to listen more. Now I’ve got a tool that may help.”

“Before I did this programme, by 5pm on a Friday afternoon I would have been really anxious, looking at a terrible weekend and panicking, ‘… I’ve got such a huge amount to get done next week…!’ But now I sit there and think ‘Yes, I’ve got a huge amount to do, but it’ll get done. It’s ok.’ And it does all get done.”

“I find I’m taking more time to really listen to people, and really be aware of their reactions and my reactions, and that’s building stronger bonds. That lets us all collaborate so much better. The other area where it’s really helped is that I’ve found an increased ability just to come away from it all from time to time – to get some space and some quiet.”

Read our articles on Mindful Leadership in the Harvard Business Review and the European Business Review here.

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