Burnout: What should organisations do?

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Join Liz Hall and Chris Nichols as they discuss the pressing issue of burnout at work.

Liz is a Mindfulness Works consultant, editor at Coaching for Work, and co-founder of the International Summit for Mindfulness and Compassion at Work in Madrid. Chris is a founding partner of the FT Award Winning consultancy GameShift, a Mindfulness Works consultant, a writer, thinker and artist.

There’s a new pandemic taking hold: the burnout pandemic. In May 2021, an article in the New York Times went viral . The author highlighted just how widespread the feeling of ‘blah’- languishing- has become, and many sighed with relief as they recognized what they’d been experiencing. But languishing frequently tips into something more sinister- overwhelm and burnout.

Workers are now more than three times as likely to report mental health concerns than pre-pandemic (survey by FlexJobs and Mental Health America), while a Minds Together poll suggested that 66% of bosses said they suffered from burnout over the past year, and 76% felt overwhelmed managing their people.

However, managers and leaders are often ill-equipped to spot the warning signs, and lack the tools and strategies to avoid burnout themselves and effectively support their staff to do the same. Frequently, they don’t know how or where to ask for help.

Liz will discuss this issue with Amy and offer insights and practical guidance for how organizations can respond more effectively to this challenging issue.

The event starts with a conversation between Liz and Amy. After that there will be a chance to take part in a breakout room conversation followed by a Q & A session with Liz and Amy.

It’s going to be a stimulating conversation with real-world advice as to how to about addressing this vital issue. We’d love to see you there.


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