Compassionate Leadership: Leading for the Human Moment

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Amy is a Mindfulness Works consultant, author, researcher and Professor at Ashridge Executive Education, Hult International Business School. Liz is a Mindfulness Works consultant, editor at Coaching for Work, and co-founder of the International Summit for Mindfulness and Compassion at Work in Madrid.

As we move towards an uncertain future, great leadership may be less about acts of heroism and more about small, daily gestures of human-to-human connection, says Amy. “Human moments” are acts of kindness, from leaders who make the time each day to connect with another person at work, not because they are on autopilot, or because they are being polite, but because they are genuinely interested in that person’s welfare and well-being.

A key starting point for that compassionate approach is acknowledging their own humanness. Amy’s own research found that when leaders have the courage to share a personal story and to show their own vulnerability, they create a human moment, which builds connection and understanding and strengthens their relationships.

Amy discussed this and very much more with Liz. After that there were breakout room conversations followed by a Q & A session with Amy and Liz.

It was a rich, stimulating and above all very human conversation.



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