How can organisations and leaders engage with workplace and social activism?

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Join Megan Reitz, John Higgins and friends, to discuss Megan and John’s recent Harvard Business Review articleDon’t Ban Politics.

Megan is a Consultant at Mindfulness Works and Professor of Leadership and Dialogue at Ashridge Executive Education, Hult International Business School.

John is the Research Partner of GameShift, and a widely published author.

Megan and John have been thinking and researching around this area since 2014 and in this conversation will present their freshest insights. They will share some of the good (and not so good) things they’ve seen leaders and organizations do to engage well, and not so well, with the hot topics of environmental, social and political activism.

They will introduce two of the frameworks they’ve developed to help organizations look in the mirror of their current activism reality and identify what steps they can take to get on the front foot in an increasingly activist world.

We will hold the event in a participative roundtable format, giving plenty of space for exploring, contributions, and practical applications.

This event is perfect for HR specialists, OD and L&D colleagues, and for all leaders with an active interest in creating connected human responsible organizations and teams. It’s going to be good and we would love to see you there.

We are co-hosting this event with our friends and fellow consultants GameShift.

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