Sounds and Thoughts

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    We help people at work unlock their capacity for mindfulness and compassion

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    Enabling higher levels of focus, empathy and resilience

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    Allowing people at all levels to be at their very best

We start by simply attending to whatever sounds might be around. Then we move on to whatever moves in the space of the mind.

In the second part of this practice, just allowing whatever thoughts, images, memories, feelings or impulses show up simply to be what they are. Not judging them, not clinging onto them, but simply giving them your attention. In the same way that you can give your attention to a sound, so you can give your attention to a thought or an image in your mind. You don’t need to actively¬†think the thought – you can just let thought come, let it go, staying present.

Michael Chaskalson

Megan Reitz

What We Do

What We Do When people at work are more mindful and more compassionate, when they connect more deeply with each other, then things go better for them, for those they work with, for their organizations - for everyone. We offer a range of interventions - each of which can be tailored to your exact needs.


Who We Are

We are a small team of consultants who are convinced that the world of work can also be a place where people thrive. We teach, consult, write and research - focussing on mindfulness, compassion and dialogue - at work and in leadership.


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